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Get a dramatic, behind-the-scenes look at God’s faithfulness to the people at Faith Alive Foundation-Nigeria.

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Be inspired by dramatic, true stories featuring the Founding Coordinator who rose from extreme poverty to start the hospital where he and his staff prescribe hope to thousands of people.

They have something of great value that we desperately need—a deep-rooted faith that weathers even the darkest storms. Journey to Jos, Nigeria with Erika Wiebe Nossokoff to meet Dr. Christian Isichei. He opened the Faith Alive hospital in 1996 with $333, an unwavering confidence in Jesus Christ, and a vision to serve both Christians and Muslims in an area prone to AIDS, abductions, poisonings, forced marriages, fiery car accidents, and bloody crises.

These captivating stories highlight dramatic events for the humble doctor and some of his staff who turned unthinkable adversity into opportunities to serve others. While Dr. Chris and the hospital are the central links connecting each story, the book’s anchor is our incarnational God who is, as Africans say, “on ground” with all of us.

Whether you read this alone or with a group, the power of these stories will ignite your faith to come alive in new and exciting ways.

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