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Faith Alive Foundation-Nigeria is first and foremost the only completely free medical facility in all of Nigeria. We treat every sort of ailment we can. Our surgery and in-patient care facility is on ground and we hope to expand the range of surgeries and number of patients served. In order to help us realize these goals, we are in need of medical equipment and machinery.

VIRAL LOAD MEASUREMENT. There is great need to monitor HIV/AIDS patients on treatment. It need not be shiny and new. The viral load Laboratory will be named after the first donor.

SURGICAL EQUIPMENT. Any and all equipment and supplies are needed. We especially need new or used equipment for mammography, CT, MRI, and digital x-rays.

COMPUTER EQUIPMENT. Any computer equipment dated 2011 or newer is welcome and greatly appreciated. This includes flash drives, laptops, and printers with applicable inkjets.

MEDICAL SUPPLIES. Any medical supplies that you can provide are greatly appreciated

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