Faith Alive Nigeria




One person at a time in the fight against HIV/AIDS

Currently at the Faith Alive Hospital, more than 4,000 HIV+ patients are receiving lifesaving antiretroviral (ARV) medications. A portion of those patients started their ARVs through the Save-A-Life program. Donors give 50 cents per day, about the cost of one latte per week ($183 USD per year).

Since the Save-A-Life program began, all of the hospital’s HIV+ patients now receive ARVs funded by a single major donor. Save-A-Life changed into a fund that Save-A-Life patients can access for additional healthcare needs. These needs include but are not limited to medications to treat opportunistic infections like pneumonia, tuberculosis and malaria that prey on their weakened immune systems, as well as surgeries at other hospitals if necessary.

Because of anticipated changes in 2015 by our major donor, we anticipate needing to again finance ARVS for the Save-A-Life patients and thousands of others

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